Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Journal #8

The Week of Friday November 7th

BULLITT (1968) In Class Clip
Directed by: Peter Gates

I'll compare this chase to The French Connection chase scene below, but first a couple notes on each scene.
Starring Steve Mcqueen. What makes a good car chase. Compare camera movements/actors/spec. effects/music/City. Mcqueen is serious. Slow build up. The Rear View mirror shot, the first time he notices he's being followed, the tempo picks up, trambone, clicks his seat belt buckle (Shit is about to get wild!) Then BAM! The music stops and it's all car sounds from here on out. P.O.V. shots, rolls down the window instead of shooting it out. Theres been a lot of replicas of this car chase but it's solid,mit really is cool. In a totally different vein it reminds me of the car chase in the movie Heat with Dinero and Pacino just because it has some qualities such as Lack of sound and car noises.

Directed by: Fried

Starring Gene Hackman. First of all let me just say...awesome Hackman movie! Great opening shot and use of light. Hackmans car gets destroyed, airbags would have ruined this scene. Reflection of the subway in the window. Hackman fuck the car up. Music starts at the end, heavy ominous.


The chase in The French Connection feels grittier. It seems more realistic. More in the moment. There's talking, the people have emotions. 'Bullitt' seems removed, while 'The French Connection' seems like how a car chase might actually go down. In 'Bullitt' you feel like you are in a strile enviornment, where as in FC you feel like you are ther. The music in Bullitt is a little bit better. But in The FC you have multiple modes of transit, cars, subways it's a non linear chase that zigs and zags and seems to have no pre thought about plan to it while in Bullitt you have a feeling that it's headed in only one direction. The Anti Hero in 1971 Gene Hackman makes The Hero in 1968 seem cheesy. The times they are a changing.

MASH (1969) In Class Clip
Directed by: Robert Aldman

MASH the tv show created the rules for tv shows. Innovative soundtrack, improv. Multiple conversations being recorded at one time.

THE CANDIDATE (1972) In Class Clip
Directed by: Micheal Ritchie

Robert Redford plays.

ROSEMARY'S BABY (1968) In Class Clip
Directed by: Roman Polanski

John Casevettes acted in this and then took the money to make his own films

MEAN STREETS (1975) In Class Clip
Directed by: Martin Scorsese

TAXI DRIVER (1976) In Class Clip
Directed by: Martin Scorsese

HEARTBREAK KID (1972) In Class Clip
Directed by: Elaine May

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