Thursday, December 11, 2008


I set out to make this a blog about The act of keeping a journal but quickly found out that it was more about trying to just keep up with the fact that it WAS the journal. I usually have a dreamers quality about these kinds of things and I wish I could have bounced it around a little and gotten other peoples comments and ideas and theories on the different movies that we watched and all of the cerebral discussion we had in that big Cathedral up on Van Ness. That was not to be. What follows is basically the Journal I kept in class with a little bit of added spice.
The Journal entries begin with the first entry at the bottom of this page and continue in chronological order all the way up to the current day.
Finally I'd just like to say that in my first semester at The Academy of Art this class has single handedly shattered my firm belief that I want to be a Photographer. The more I talk and watch and think about film the more I begin to enjoy it and be inspired by it. When I go into a theater and watch a movie it's a magical thing and most always I walk out the door feeling inspired or moved in one way or another. That's basically the way I felt going to this class on Friday afternoons and sitting down to watch and talk about films. It's still hard to believe that this is a class and not something I would just do on a Friday afternoon.
Anyway hope the Journal meets the standards required and thanks for the class.

Cassady Kissam

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