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Journal #9

The Week of Friday November 14th

ERASERHEAD (1977) 150 Word Review
Directed by: David Lynch

I think my basic opinion of this film changed a lot when it was mentioned in class that Lynch made it over a period of a couple of years and had to stop and start production due to the fact that he was making it on his own dime. That alone adds a sense of appreciation to it. Some people like David Lynch, some people don't just the same way that some people like Woody Allen and some people don't. But aside from like or dislike the "effort" to which these two directors pursues his art can't be denied. In it's essesence it's a Horror film, crossed with a Comedy crossed with an Indie film crossed with a Thriller...if thats not too confusing. But it's also groundbreaking in that it's kind of like looking at an early sketch by Picasso or the first essay that Hemmingway wrote. It's Lynch trying to work out his style and spirit. Add to that that it fits into the genre of Cult Film as well as Midnigh Movie and it doesnt matter if you don;t like Lynch, it's a credible film.

ERASERHEAD (1977) In Class Clip
Directed by: David Lynch

"Cult" Scene of character meeting girlfriends parents. You can see the seeds which are planted for Lynch's style. These are the Directors evolutionary steps played out on film for all to see.

THE BIRDS (1976) In Class Clip
Directed by: Alferd Hitchcock

This is an interesting clip and a movie I've seen a number of times. The reason being is that I grew up in Sonoma County and lived about 15 minutes from Bodega Bay, so we always used to talk about how the Church in this film is in the movie. Interesting crescendo of script writing though, with many different characters and angles.

Directed by: George Romero

It seems pretty obvious that Director Danny Boyle (28 Days Later) framed his Zombie Thriller on The Night of The Living Dead. On that note this was a great clip. Police Chief, the feel of the Deep South, the obvious Racial Tension. MLK was shot while Romero was driving the film around from theater to theater. First Midnight Movie. Also made 'Dawn of The Dead' Ving Rhymes!

THE HILLS HAVE EYES (1977) In Class Clip
Directed by: Wes Craven

No Comment. Okay I cant handle this kind of movie because it seems like it's just like Bad for The know like bad to's not like a movie like this brings to light any real problems or higher thinking or leaves you walking out of the theater going "Gosh I never knew that Radioactive Nuclear Tests caused that much damage and pain to the hillbillies of northern nevada, I feel for those deformed guy's...I think I'll start a support group tomorrow"

MS. 45 (1981) In Class Clip
Directed by: Abel Ferraro

Interesting side note that the woman who stars in this film went on to write "The Bad Lt." with Harvey Kittel and later overdosed on Heroin. Which explains a lot about that movie. Both movies feel similar, the underbelly of N.Y.

CRUISING (1980) In Class Clip
Directed by: William Frieken

Al Pacino. Time capsule of NY Queer Culture



CLASSIFIED X (1999) In Class Clip
Directed by: Melvin Van Peebles

Doc. About race in cinema. Sweet Sweetbacks Baad Assss Song

WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE (2006) Home Viewing
Directed by: Spike Lee

Powerful, powerful Doc. that I like to watch at least once a year. Do you think the people of The Gulf Coast South had anything to do with this years Election Result?

WATCH and REVIEW: The Wings of Desire

COMMENTS: It's an intersting paradigm that all films 'Exploit' to some degree or another. So in essence all film is Explotative. It seems that the trick is to exploit with some thought i.e. exploit with a purpose. Today's films seem to be exploiting to sell more crap. The good films exploit your mind and make you think AFTER you leave the theater.

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